5 photos of my "brother and sister"

My mom found them on a rummage when they were 6 months old. The lady selling them said she couldn't have pets in her rental and had to get rid of them. Rumor around town was her husband or boyfriend was abusing them, which made total sense when mom first got them. Jack was afraid of stairs and Jill would hide when she smelled smoke.
  1. This is Jack
    He's a snuggler and very picky eater (Unless it's treats). He now runs and jumps up and down any stairs or off of furniture.
  2. This is Jill
    She is the attention hog. She gets jealous very easy and will push Jack out of the way if she thinks your not paying her enough attention. She loves belly rubs.
  3. New winter coats about 2 years ago
  4. Never fails they get leaves or something stuck in their hair.
  5. My favorite picture!
    I love when dad doesn't trim their hair so short.