Pictures I took of outdoor Wisconsin

Just some pics I took outdoors. Some were on a pretty crap camera, sorry.
  1. Just love the blue sky.
  2. Winter
  3. Sunset by my parents house.
  4. Spring
  5. Nice way to end a day with a smile.
  6. Even the deer enjoy a nice sunset.
  7. Hole in the sky?
    I never did find out what this was. I saw this driving home, the sun is to the left of the picture. I sent it to different weather people and never got a response.
  8. Hole in the sky close up.
  9. Wild turkey anyone?
  10. Cold as ice pot
    I don't remember the date but I know it was 25° below out. I guess it was so cold Jack Frost was trying to get high.
  11. Lightning
  12. I love a good thunderstorm.
    I love the color in this picture.