I have a short gig this week writing for a pilot. I sit in a large open office with several productions going on at once. One of the shows has "Hitler" in the title, which is also how it's referred to by its staff for short. I swear to God there's a sign that just says "Hitler" above their calendar. Here are some of the things I've heard this week:
  1. "Hi, I'm calling for Hitler."
  2. "This desk is for Hitler only."
  3. "What's Hitler's schedule looking like?"
  4. "Set up an email account for Hitler."
  5. "Can you print this for Hitler?"
  6. "The green index cards are for Hitler."
  7. "This is way more than I ever planned on learning about Hitler."
  8. "Wow, Hitler actually did a ton of great things for the German people."
  9. "Germany had nearly full employment under Hitler."
  10. "Hitler was an amazing painter."
  11. "It's sad that Hitler's legacy is one of hate because he clearly had so much love for his country and people."
  12. "Hitler's book is both a page-turner and eye-opener."
  13. "Hitler pulled Germany out of a depression. I'd vote for him tomorrow."
  14. "Bagels for Hitler!"
  15. "Get those bagels off Hitler's desk and bring back some strudel."