Here is a list that I decided to make on my own, unsolicited and unprompted.
  1. 1) she's blonde. Blonde is good
  2. 2) butt
  3. 3) she's so smart. You can see her thinking in her eyes and it's always adorable.
    She has the prettiest eyes, like someone swirled gray, blue and green together. She knows so much but is never pretentious. It's so awesome talking to someone smarter than you are.
  4. 4) her laugh. It's adorable and her smile is infectious
  5. 6) shit, where did 5 go?
  6. 7) she has the best taste in music, politics, tv shows and men.
    We share all of it. Except the taste in men part. Also go Hillary. (When she defended Hillary on this app it was pretttttty hot).
  7. 5) a-hah, found it!
  8. 8) she's beautiful, duh. I mean it's not the reason I like her, but it certainly doesn't hurt.
    Her eyes, her adorable face as a beautiful personality.
  9. 9) she's so sweet. Everything she does is blanketed in sincerity.
    Even when she's funny- and she is really funny- it's never mean spirited. She's always kind. Her heart and values are in the right place.
  10. 10) I get lost
    I get lost with her. I lose my sense of time- whether it be via conversation or sitting on her bed watching 30 Rock. It feels oddly infinite.
  11. Bonus: her accent is so cute. Like c'mon. Also she's ticklish.