1. Probably a week into my first job
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    I was a front desk at a v small indoor pool. There was nothing to do except throw our co-workers' shit into the pool and sleep. This is not an excuse though, I was probably the worst employee to grace the Turner Aquatic Center
  2. First day of my junior year of high school
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    I had a few teachers think I was narcoleptic because I would regularly fall into these unholy positions and snooze for a lil bit. This was Chemistry, in which I managed to get a solid D; proving Ms. Green wrong who said I would fail.
  3. Wrestling Meet
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    High school sports are the fucking worst. I don't know how really invested parents get cardboard cut outs and tshirts with their kids faces on them, then proceed to spend all damn day at a tournament.
  4. Senior year at lunch
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    Maybe this is a sign that high school starts too early and kids are overworked? Or maybe this just shows that I'm complete trash? Who knows?
  5. Freshman year on my friends floor
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    I'm useless.
  6. My job as a front desk
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    Worst employee, but also completely vital to the pool. That's what you should do, make sure the place absolutely needs you. Then make sure they need your bare minimum. Show up, do what no one else but you can do, fall asleep with pizza rolls on your lap, profit.
  7. Honorable Mentions/Times I dont have a picture of
    Everyday of my music theory class/My high school Graduation/ On the couch of WSU's student center/ My high school weights class/ 2 minutes into Netflix and Chill.