1. The economy, Wall Street, politics, taxes, etc.
  2. Loud music in a small room...
  3. When the YouTube video won't play at anything higher quality than 360p
  4. Those really tight ATM drive throughs
  5. Running into people at the grocery store
  6. Conversations in bathrooms
  7. Locker room settings
  8. The idea of using synthetic drugs at a music festival
  9. Music festivals...
  11. The cabin prank scene in the 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap"
    I have to close my eyes during
  12. Near-climax of "Finding Nemo" when everything feels hopeless
  13. When the teacher tells everyone to stop talking and I'm not talking but I fear I will be called guilty by association
  14. People with perfect hair
  15. The internal question of are my teeth not white?
  16. Unacknowledged bigotry
  17. Wondering if I'm cognizant of my privileges
  18. Wondering if I'm cognizant of other people's privileges...
  19. Buying Christmas presents
  20. Buying birthday presents
  21. Kissing in public, even when there aren't people around
  22. Forgetting to take pills
  23. How sweaty I get when I drink and/or dance
  24. The Draft
  25. Figuring out my plan for hiding during the draft
  26. Someday having to support myself
  27. How long I will be paying off my college debt
  28. The idea that someone could easily break into my house while I'm sleeping
  29. Diarrhea at someone else's house
  30. Interviews
  31. Group interviews
  32. The Job market (??)
  33. Weak magnets
  34. Water usage
  35. Am I thankful enough?
  36. The spinning beach ball of death or whatever
  37. Starting a new tv show
  38. Finishing a new tv show
  39. Wondering if I picked the right tv show
  40. Am I addicted to my phone?
  41. Scratching hardwood floors
  42. Sunday nights
  43. Burger too big to pick up and eat
  44. People who say they're not feminist
  45. WOMEN who say they're not feminist
    Huh ????