Since the last ten entries of my dying blog were a series of lists, this app makes me excited. My excitement could fizzle. We'll see.
  1. "If Netflix were about to break, these are the shows you must watch."
  2. "Best books to read when you don't want to think too much"
  3. "Fictional characters I have wanted to marry"
  4. "Foods that make me question people who don't like to eat"
  5. "Moments that made me most proud to be a teacher"
  6. "A few dreaming-big-but-not-too-big goals for my life"
  7. "Someone wrote these lines, which makes me simultaneously jealous and thankful."
  8. "You aren't funny, just annoying."
  9. "I took pictures of some people, and these are my favorite right now."
  10. "My friends are hilarious; let me show you why."