1. Love + Friendship
    All in one place from the same person??? Amazing.
  2. Time + Money
  3. Food + Netflix
  4. Cookies + Milk
  5. Cookies + Hot Chocolate
  6. Cookies + Cookies
  7. Yeahhhh this is officially just list about cookies
  8. Chocolate chip to be exact
  9. Preferably with a low chocolate chip-to-cookie ratio
  10. As in, mostly the meat of the cookie with a few chips here and there
  11. Soft and gooey. None of that crunchy bullshit
  12. And not dipped directly in the milk - that's all for show
  13. What really matters is the cookie/milk balance achieved in-mouth
  14. And finishing the cookie(s) before running out of milk
  15. I once accidentally baked cookies with vinegar instead of baking soda
  16. That was a dark time for me and I'm past that
  17. I'm come so far since then 😭✊🏿
  18. Speech over
  19. But yeah, shout out to cookies
  20. I'll actually finish my equations list one day