I can't believe I'm telling y'all this story 😆
  1. YALL lemme tell you what happened this past weekend!!!
  2. I'm seriously losing my shit, like I'm a changed woman
  3. Okay, backstory:
  4. When I was a freshman in high school (6 years ago), my older brother's ex-girlfriend and I became v close friends
    She was a senior on my basketball team
  5. Let's call her A
  6. One day a rumor reaches me that someone on our team "likes me"
  7. I'm like whaaaat I don't like anybody on the team like that whaaaat but who is it??
  8. Nobody will tell me. I'm full Sherlock Holmes mode and CANNOT figure out who it is!
  9. Skip ahead to one night about a week later, we're having a team bonding sleep over at A's house
  10. It's a literal mansion, so we're all in the back in the guest house that's the size of most peoples' main house
  11. Everybody's drinking
    Not me - I was a good little freshman 😇
  12. And watching a movie. Let me set the stage for you
  13. Dark room, everybody spread out in their own area, but me and A lying next to each other
    We were "sisters" so of course we're next to each other 😅...🤔
  14. A little ways into the movie I say to A: "all they do in this movie is kiss and kill each other"
    Honest review!
  15. Mind you, I still don't know who on the team is crushing on me at this time
  16. and then
  17. AND THEN, y'all
  18. "A", my oldest brother's ex girlfriend, my "sister," and (straight) friend...
  19. On some teen movie shit smoothly says (her voice is velvety as fuck) "you mean kiss like this?"
  20. and KISSES me y'all
  22. I left the planet
  23. So it was her. All along. Holy shit, like what is my next move idk how to feel!!
  24. I didn't freak out tho bc deep down I liked it and we just cuddled the rest of the night whatever
  25. So for the next months we admittedly have feelings for each other and pursue them
  26. I tell you man, it was magical
  27. Anyway, it sadly fizzled out, she graduated, and we grew apart
  28. Over the next 6 years I'd still see her every now and then and the same chemistry would be there
  29. But there was kind of a mutual agreement to keep things platonic/not complicated
  30. Okay now we're in the present!!
  31. Let me reset the stage:
  32. I'm a college junior at Northwestern (near Chicago)
  33. Living my life, truly genuinely not thinking about this girl A that stole 15 year old me's heart
  34. Brooooop! I get a text message
    Who is it?? I'm not expecting a text
  35. It's A!! Telling me she has a show (she's pursuing a singing career) in Chicago later that night and wants me to come!!!
  36. "There's always that one person that will always have your heart..."
    -my boo by usher ft. alicia keys
  37. So I cancel all my plans and take my ass out to her show!
  38. But not for nefarious purposes, I genuinely just wanted to see an old friend
  39. Alright so fast forward to the night of her show
  40. I went alone bc I was meeting up with friends downtown after
  41. And was sipping on a screwdriver (vodka+orange) I brought from home
    Bc liquid courage right?
  42. After she performs she has someone bring me back to her tour bus and the reunion ensues!!
  43. We're so happy to see each other, both in good spirits and just like ugh the chemistry is still there
  44. It's like 8 of us in there, and drinks start getting poured
  45. Y'all I SWEAR she was tryna get me caught up all over again!
  46. The whole night: "you're so beautiful jazzy" "you've grown up so much" "you're the only girl I've ever had feelings for" "you're amazing" "I've missed you so much"
    Me: meltinggggg 😩 but playing it cool
  47. The night progresses and eventually I'm ready to leave and meet my friends at the bar
  48. So I go back to where she's in a room talking to her manager and let her know I'm bout to call an uber
  49. But she's like nooo! And jumps up and leaves the room to talk to me
  50. I notice she's crying (not because of me) and my heart breaks into 24 pieces and I ask her what's wrong
  51. Ex drama
  52. The convo is fuzzy in my memory, but at some point she says "your brother probably hates me"
  53. Reminder: she is my oldest brother's ex girlfriend
    😁😁😁 I know
  54. So I'm like, uhhh yeah probably :/
    She broke his heart so he honestly probably does
  55. But then
  56. She sorta puts her head down and murmurs: "whatever, I only care how you feel about me"
  57. SKIIIIIRT!! STOP THE RECORD!! excuse me WHAT??
    Is she confessing feelings for me?? Like what is happening?!
  58. I start asking her why? Why? Why? And she gets all coy and giggly and won't say...but the message is clear
  59. I ask her bus coordinator guy to give us some privacy so he leaves
  60. We're alone now
  61. And we both know what's about to happen
  62. And both want it to happen...so we move closer
  63. Our faces hover 1 inch away from each other for what feels like forever
  64. My senses feel like they're on fire
    But her lips are the only thing I can think about
  65. Is this really going to happen?? After all this time??
  66. And then it does. Our lips meet each other and we make out on some "I've been wanting this for so long, goddamn" shit
    She tasted so sweet 😍😍
  67. We pull away and rejoin the party. I'm in a parallel universe though, high off what just happened
  68. Somehow we ended up back in her bed, me on top of her, making out again
  69. But it's time for their crew to hit the road to the next tour stop so her manager calls me an uber and I disappear into the night (downtown to a bar lol)
  70. That was 1 week ago
  71. I have no idea where her head is. All I have is two very ambiguous text messages
  72. First one, right after I left that same night: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  73. Second one, the next morning: 😘😘😘
  74. I've also been playing it cool so we haven't talked about what happened at all!
  75. It honestly feels like it was all a dream
    A really really really good dream
  76. So yeah, we'll see where this plot twist takes me and A's "friendship"
  77. But damn that was a magical night 😍😍😍