And a group of people in front of us absolutely blew me.
  1. First of all they decided it was imperative that they stand up for the entirety of the warmup, despite being in the very front row and blocking everyone's view
    No fucks given about the people around them. Strike #1
  2. Then. THEN. This sweet man and his brother with special needs walked up to find their seats
  3. They clearly had very nice front row seats. The younger brother was so excited!
  4. Turns out, this woman (part of the offending group) was in their seats, not in the one she actually purchased
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  5. And you know what she did? Do you know?!
  6. She asked them to take her seats instead, which were off to the right, not closer to center court where they rightfully belonged
  7. Because she wanted to sit with her other grown ass friends
  8. And the man was way more passive than he should have been and allowed her to STEAL their seats. They sat off to the right.
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    Objectively inferior seats.
  9. I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the selfishness, inconsiderate, privileged behavior of this woman and her troupe of pompous friends.
  10. And was subsequently further annoyed by their continued terrible dancing, unnecessary view-blocking and general self-involved nature
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  11. They had a grand ole time at the expense of everyone around them and gave absolutely zero fucks about displacing a man and his sweet brother looking to enjoy the great seats they'd gotten
  12. I just...can't believe how much some (many) white, cis, straight, wealthy, privileged adults believe the world revolves around them
    I spend half my life making sure I'm not in other peoples' way. But not them. Not them.