Since I've listed, like wuhhhh
  1. First of all why isn't my title in SCREAMING CAPS LIKE USUAL?
    I kinda liked imagining everyone screaming their list titles lol
  2. Second of all so much has happened in my life since the last list
  3. So much to look forward to!
  4. Quick rundown:
  5. Finishing school in 2 weeks...
  6. To finally reunite with my baaaaaby
  7. And live together all summer and just be disgustingly in love
  8. And be fellow interns at a great company
  9. Then off to Barcelona (not with her 😕) for 4 months
    Adiossss bitches
  10. Then early graduation
  11. Then life!!
  12. This has been a trash list but it's been a while
  13. My powers will come back soon
    I think
  14. Anybody have Europe travel tips?!