It's the first weekend of summer and I could not be giddier. I'm betting I will add to this list throughout the day.
  1. Only working until 3pm today
  2. Flying out of Newark Airport
    I love airports, don't worry about it
  3. My friends' wedding in Dallas on Saturday💍
  4. Wearing a sari for said wedding
    I am not Indian so this is a real treat
  5. Dancing at said wedding
    Not only am I going to own the dance floor I am also performing in a choreographed dance with the bridesmaids to "Crazy in Love"
  6. Barbecue at The Pecan Lodge
  7. Pig's head Tacos at CBD Provisions
  8. Getting out of the city for a weekend and going to Texas for the first time
    Secretly I think I might hate it but I'm trying to have an open mind.