Reasons I'm Privileged

I am a white woman. I am a social worker. I work in inner city Detroit neighborhoods. I am no stranger to realizing a sad dynamic between "haves" and "have nots". In light of recent situations and past situations involving killing of innocent people I am forcing myself to take a look at my own privileges.
  1. I can walk down a street in any neighborhood and nobody assumes I intend harm.
  2. I can go into a store at night wearing all black and nobody would suspect I intend to steal.
  3. If I were to stop and ask somebody for help most likely they would help me.
  4. When I enter a grocery store in an inner city neighborhood I am treated like royalty.
  5. I can easily get into my car, drive to work, and make it in a reasonable amount of time without having to rely on the SMART and DDOT bus.
  6. There are many more I will continue to add as I think of them.