Things I Did in 2015

Some good, some bad, some in between...
  1. Lost 50 pounds; YAY
  2. Got married; ehhh
  3. Fell in love with fitness and my body for the first time in 28 years .
  4. Think I finally got a handle on my weird obsession with my body image.
  5. Graduated with my Masters of Social Work.
  6. Got my first big kid job.
  7. Fell in love with my job.
  8. Fell out of love with my marriage.
  9. Competed in my first bikini competition.
  10. Reconnected with old and great friends.
  11. Sang, drank, danced, and ate a lot of pizza.
  12. Asked my husband for a divorce.
  13. Found an apartment.
  14. Finally grew up.