I lost my mom a little over 3 years ago. I miss her dearly everyday, but summertime and nice weather always make it hurt a little more. Here's somethings we enjoyed together in the summer.
  1. Morning coffee on the patio while staring at her beautiful flowers.
  2. Eastern Market flower day. Hauling obscene amounts of flowers in our red wagon for her to plant.
  3. Flower planting memorial weekend while the boys went up north.
  4. Sitting on the front porch enjoying after dinner coffee and nonsensical conversations.
  5. Frozen yogurt from Macy's, or slurpees from 7-11 which became a staple to her after she got sick.
  6. Bumming around in Franeknmuth spending all day in and out of different shops. Eating too much and drinking a little too much wine.
  7. Just her overall general love for warm weather and sunshine.
  8. Her reminder to wear sunscreen.
  9. Her scolding me after I became sunburned- to be expected once a summer.
  10. Her need to be outside and enjoy every moment of every nice day.
  11. The ability to stop and enjoy each other without the hustle of every day life.
  12. This list is in a lot of odd directions, bottom line I miss my mom. ❤️