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Here are 5 photos chosen (sort of) at random. I say 'sort of' because if I flick through my photo gallery and it lands on a pic of my kids, then I'll choose a different photo. I don't post pics of my kids online.
  1. 1.
    Watching AFL ’Aussie Rules' football at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. CARNA Hawks!
  2. 2.
    Listening to Google Play Music on my TV... Actually the music was streaming from my Chromebook to my Chromecast (if I must get technical).
  3. 3.
    A meerkat at the Werribee Zoo just outside Melbourne.
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Oh, I love Medium but Li.st might be an easier and more accessible way to share ideas and collaborate...
  1. Li.st has a much lower barrier to entry (see below)
  2. Dot points are a faster, more accessible way to share ideas
  3. Dot points are a faster, more accessible way to consume ideas
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Challenging perceptions of the Land Down Under
  1. I don't ride to work on a kangaroo. Nor do I have one as a pet. I have eaten kangaroo meat though, and it is delicious!
  2. I don't carry around a huge knife...
  3. I don't eat Vegemite every day (but I do love it on toast!).
6 more...
  1. Flat white with 1 sugar
  2. Coca-Cola - cold as
  3. Talking to my dog
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Going to work for an early stage startup? What could possibly go wrong?
  1. Avoiding standing on the dead moths that 'populate' the stairwell
  2. Being the second person to go to the bathroom after the team eats home made curry for lunch
  3. Being the first person in the office on Monday morning... After a long, hot weekend and discovering that no one took out the trash on Friday
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