Things that don't really happen in Australia

Challenging perceptions of the Land Down Under
  1. I don't ride to work on a kangaroo. Nor do I have one as a pet. I have eaten kangaroo meat though, and it is delicious!
  2. I don't carry around a huge knife...
  3. I don't eat Vegemite every day (but I do love it on toast!).
  4. I've never been bitten by a redback spider. But I have been stung by bees and wasps and bull ants.
  5. I never drink beer for breakfast...
  6. I don't greet everyone with the word 'G'day'!
  7. I've never cooked a shrimp on the barbie! Plus we call them 'prawns'.
  8. Dingoes don't regularly eat/ steal babies.
  9. I don't spend my whole life at the beach (wish I did!).