Chinese crash course on the go! Come learn some!

Since I am Chinese, I thought I can teach some crash course Chinese here, and if response are good then I will continue to do so 😅please suggest things you would like to learn as well 😚I am also gonna do with some of my illustrations to make to more visually interesting.
  1. 香港人 (hong Kong ran)
    Which literally means Hong Kongers
  2. 無限 (mo haan)
  3. 頂你 (ding nei)
    Which kinds of screw you, but not as strong :)
  4. 快啲 (fai d)
    Which means Hurry up, now this is super useful if you ordered something in q Chinese restaurant but it never came
  5. 你好野 (nei Ho yeah)
    Which again kinds of screw you
  6. 好 (Ho)
    This means good or in most cases of you put it in front of a verb, means very.
  7. 萬 (maan)
  8. 夢想 (moan Sheung)
    This means dream, but in terms of having a dream, that kind of dream
  9. Cat!
    Suggested by   @solena
  10. 貓 (meow)
  11. What else would you like to learn?
  12. What about "rainbow"
    Suggested by   @cath
  13. 彩虹