Finally quit my job!!! Little thoughts on that

  1. 1.
    Even though I was in architecture, and it is a professional job. I just didn't feel happy doing so. Specially in HK, people rave about professional jobs and how getting one will solves all your problem etc. My opinion, NOT TRUE
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    Not everyone respect/ appetite what you do. Specially in some culture, they expect you to be a slave chain to your work desk. And in a strange way, if you are an over archiver, think a little bit more for yourself. (This relates to the next point)
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    Now I am not saying have no responsibility, and slack at work. But sometimes, when you work super hard and if you are in culture that does not cherish that, then stop using your time to built someone else's dream. Time is the most important asset you will ever have, and only get less of it everyday. Don't waste it.
  4. 4.
    I have not experienced this yet, but I feel like chasing your dream is in fact the most practical thing you can do. I find doing something I hate, I get very depress, not efficient. In short term it will give the financial upside; but this mindset/ condition will never get you promoted.
  5. 5.
    Your dream though, if you are serious about it can get you super motivated. This can push you and make you mentally prepare throw the good and bad times. In the day and age of Internet, I feel like as long as the work is good, someone will eventually notice it.
  6. 6.
    So just do something awesome that provides value to people. And be patient. This is what I think anyways, I haven't gone through this dream chasing thing yet, but I hope this mindset can get me there 🙂