This game has been in development for about 2 months now. You can check out the development from my previous list posts 😀 How I design my tabletop game (3)
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    So the last week has been pretty interesting. I spoke to a few people about the game. And basically they think since the game is about high way, the city element should really be included.
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    And the game should also have some thing to say. It does not have to be a thesis, but if it can begin a discussion, then it can be so icy more than just another board game. And then after a lot of brain storming...
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    The idea is this: well most of cities are undergoing development. Thing is, cities developments are often driven by business since it generates the most revenue. And when I live in HK I can feel the lack of public spaces/ greens that makes me feel like the city was not being developed in a very balanced way.
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    Of course, if a city preserve way too much green it won't work either. The key is, BALANCING the development so there is a bit of everything and it benefits the city in their very unique way.
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    So now the graphic has been developed into more like a city
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    It is referencing what is called figure and ground diagrams in architecture
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    It represents the business / non residential area, residential area and public/ green spaces. These are 3 of the main sectors in a city.
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    To make the game more fun, each round of the game, players need to archive a fix number of areas regarding to a certain city. So this is HK.
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    But all in all, the game play is somewhat similar . Only now the pattern has been developed, and make it try to arise the discussion of crating a balance city. Love to hear what you think :)
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    I have tagged everyone who liked my previous posts on this topic, making it easier to follow through the development & update of this game. (If you do not wish to be tagged next time, please send me a direct message. I just want to make it easier to follow through, hope it does not appears to be a spam😅 Thanks 😊)
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