How I design my tabletop game (1)

I have designed a tabletop game. It is about 75% complete. I want to show part of the process.
  1. I will be uploading the process of designing this tabletop game. Comment down below if you like it and I will tag you once I have more update 👶🏻
  2. I will also be uploading more on my website
  3. I have always been fascinated by tabletop games. Growing up, I played different kinds of chess games. So once Yu-Gi-Oh trading card came out, I was hooked. For the next 5 years of my childhood, I played all kinds of trading card games.
  4. Even at a young age I appreciated art & design; this gave me extra reasons to love trading card games that had great illustrations on them.
  5. If you have ever played card games though, you will realise that there odd to be some writings on the card one way or another. I have always thought any sort of writings on the card destroys the purity of the illustrations.
  6. 10 years later I am now a designer, and I thought it time to try creating a table top game that functions purely on graphics. No words.