How I design my tabletop game (5)

  1. THE FIRST ROAD BLOCK - would like so start this blog by saying, design problem is a common thing. Today is the first time we have encountered a problem during this design process. I will first go through what I have so far then explain why it does not work.
  2. To start. This is a 2 - 4 player game. Each player starts by drawing 6 cards from a shuffled deck. Lets recap a little bit. There are 3 types of tile, ranging from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.
  3. There is then a sub category, which indicate the connecting method. There are 6 sub categories.
  4. The way to connect is simple. Matching lane numbers can connect. If the lanes number does not connect, there you will need a MIXED LAND TYPE tile in between to create a linkage.
  5. There is na exception. This black tile is a STOPPING TILE. Once a player has placed this tile down, the next player has to stop. The player after will then continue in either and of the edge of the STOPPING TILE as he/ she wishes.
  6. The objective is to continue the linkage until a player cannot continue, and has to draw a card from the remaining tile. The first one to finishes all their cards wins.
  7. THIS WAS A HUGE FAILURE! Why? 1.Well the games continues to connect in an INFINITE style. And it just does not seem to end.
  8. 2. Right now, the linkage is very linear. This is not utilising the INFINITE PLAYING space. I much rather the tiles can be taped in from all directions, enabling the game to grow in all directions.
  9. 3. The tile ratios are balance right now. I need to reduce some of the tiles to make the play game smoother.
  10. So why am I telling you this was a failure? Well because I really do want to make the game better. I also find sharing the entire design process with you will make you understand the game much better.
  11. The rawness/ failures of design are often neglected. I hope by sharing this with you will not put you off/ given up from the development of this game. At the end, design process is never fine and dandy.
  12. I do have an improved version from this ready for tomorrow. It will certainly not be the final product, and for sure needs a tone of improvement.
  13. The objective of this test game is to give you a feel of the phase, gaming system of this board game. You will never truly understand the game until you play it. I hope you will continue to go through this journey with me.
  14. I will be releasing the first prototype game this Friday! Please come sign up here for a FREE copy! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page👍🏻)
  15. I have tagged everyone who liked my previous posts on this topic, making it easier to follow through the development & update of this game. (If you do not wish to be tagged next time, please send me a direct message. I just want to make it easier to follow through, hope it does not appears to be a spam😅 Thanks 😊)