Places I would definitely recommend you to go when you are in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was known as the shopping paradise. With the insane amount of shopping malls, it's not difficult to pull off a shopping marathon. Thing is, these shopping malls are pretty much the same everywhere you go. I have selected a few hip places for you to go check out if you are ever in HK, avoiding all the crazy shopping malls.
  1. Tai ping Shan street - basically all the shops are all located in one street. The low density of shops makes the entire shopping experience vastly different to most of the places in HK. Most importantly, all the most trend, niche, hip stuffs can be found here.
  2. Sun street - so another similar place to tai ping Shan street would be sun street located in Wanchai. It's awesome because not only they have the really cool fashion brands etc, they have a ton of good restaurants nearby. There is no need to recommendation for those because there are simply too many.
  3. Pmq - it already in most of the guide books I guess, but since it is pretty new I thought I should mention it just Incase. It was used as a police married quarter, and renovated in fees years back, and now hosts most of the local designers talent.
  4. Tai Nam street - it's situated next to the notorious Sham Shui Po flea market. With the growth of leather crafting in HK these few years, Tai Nam Street has become the main leather supply in HK. Their leather ranges from ok quality to Italian finest. They also sell leather goods crafted with these high quality leather, often cheaper than the US.