Shanghai Recommendations (1)

My girlfriend and I went to Shanghai over the Easter for a little treat 🌝 here are some places we went and thought was awesome :) will type more soon 🌝🌝🌝
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    xiao long bao - basically pork dumpling with soup inside. We had this is one in a random cafe, but it already pretty good. You can see how fresh it it but the hot steam coming out (just your average cafe on the street will get you this @ 2-3USD for 8 dumplings)
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    Surprisingly! We found cronut in Shanghai, it's pretty good
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    Now this is another kind of dumpling. These are deep fried ones. It has 3 choices: pork with vege, prawns, lamb. These also have a mouth full of juice/soup inside of the dimpling. Every time you bite into it, the soup rushes out and compliment with the slightly greasy stuffing, every bite is an enjoyable one. @ 2-3USD for 6 dumplings@ ( 小楊生煎)
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    This is a pretty awesome burger place in Shanghai.(rachel’s burger shanghai
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    Rachel's Burger
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    Grains || So this is the place where you can get one of the best Ice cream in Shanghai, prove? Look at the queue!it's basically crazy. We got slated caramel and dark chocolate; taste wise is of corse super rich and intense as expected, the thing is, the cone is surprisingly well done. It's freshly made, and super thin and crispy!
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    The queue! And just go and wait in line, yes yes, don't complaint, and thank me later :)