The Dating Diary & Tote bag that every couple need

Ok, aside from the board game that I am designing, I Did also do illustrations if you remember. And now I have turned them in to a dating diary and a tote bag. You can check it out here :)
  1. The" All Little Things Diary "provides a twist on the layout of a classic dairy. The All Little Things Diary is a powerful yet simple daily planner to help you plan out your dates with your partner, have a bit of self reflection, and also make you appreciate each other more.
  2. The idea for All Little Things Diary sparked when my girlfriend and I was trying to run our couple illustrations webpage.
  3. After 9 months worth of writing and drawing these couple illustrations, we realised it really it's the small little things in life that makes a relationship work, and these related posts do get the most response.
  4. During these 9 months, I found myself in a somewhat chaotic mood, having to deal with a daily illustration, but also having to plan small surprises and dates for my girlfriend.
  5. So I have decided to create a diary that not only allows me to plan ahead, but elements to remind me to become a little better each day for my other half. So I gave the classic diary layout a little twist, making it to become come part diary part planner, aim for couple. And we also designed tote bags to match the diary.