Requested and inspired by @solena
  1. So I was at Starbucks one time (5-6 years ago) and some friends and I were having s late breakfast after an all nighter at uni
  2. And that particular Starbucks was divided into 2 very distinctive area, one indoor and one outdoor which was where we were sitting.
  3. So we ordered some sausage rolls that required reheating. Because there were a few of us, we then keep going out to the counter to collect the reheated sausage roll.
  4. Now sausage roll is like the cheapest thing you can get in Starbucks, so a lot of people ordered it. So we keep bringing the sausage rolls back to our table not realising we actually took a couple extra.
  5. And then we just ate them like it never happened...
  6. Not the most exciting story in the world 😅
  7. Also would like to add.. Please don't do that... Is rather terrible... 😅