From the 'MEETING WITH V.I.P.s and CELEBRITIES' section of the Reagan Library. Dude met everyone.
  1. Michael Jackson
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  2. Johnny Depp
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  3. Patrick Ewing
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  4. The '86 Giants
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  5. Elton John
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  6. Drew Barrymore
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    From Reagan's Diary, 10/17/1984: "Little Drew Barrymore—the child in 'E.T.'—was one of the children [I met]. She’s a nice little person."
  7. Kirk Cameron, Phyllis Diller, Lucille Ball and Emmanuel Lewis
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  8. The First Lady also had some great ones. The cast of Diff'rent Strokes.
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  9. Mr. T (as San-T Claus)
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  10. Tom Cruise, Caitlyn Jenner and Cher
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  11. Sly Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen
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  12. Roger Clemens
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  13. Cal Ripken
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  14. Wayne Gretzky
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  15. Harry Caray
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