It's prom season. Here's why I'm not going:
  1. It's expensive as shit
    What the hell? 100 dollars to eat some mediocre food and listen to some generic pop music???
  2. Table Capacity
    Where I live, there's a mandatory capacity of 10. That's right, you HAVE to have exactly 10 people. And while it shouldn't really be a big deal, asking high schoolers to form a group of 9 other people is a recipe for disaster.
  3. The food
    Holy shit, (at least where I live) the food has the worst taste to price ratio of all time. I swear to god, the food is there for more aesthetic purposes than actually eating purposes. Like this shit makes British food taste flavorful.
  4. The promposal
    Expectation: A grand gesture that is incredibly touching. Reality: the shittiest pun of all-time. Like somebody said "It would be cool if you would come shake it with me to prom." And then he gave her a milkshake. I think we can all agree that that is unequivocally shitty.