36 Hours in Edinburgh

  1. Did a bang bang. Two shows at the Fringe back to back. Only slept through one of them.
  2. Ate haggis pizza.
  3. Learned about indigestion.
  4. Watched fireworks over Edinburgh Castle on a stranger's rooftop.
  5. Strolled through the Greyfriars Graveyard. Thanks @sarah!
  6. Saw tombstone that read "Died in 1806, Friend of Greyfriars Bobby" and asked an old lady if "FRIEND of Bobby" was a euphemism for gay. Learned Greyfriars Bobby is the name of a dog. A Skye Terrier.
  7. Enjoyed this view sipping on a Pimm's Cup and just living my best life.
  8. Sat on the roof deck of National Museum and speedread a thick book cover to cover (Vogue).
  9. Went to National Portrait Gallery. But, alas, it was closed. Popped into a furniture store, thought about buying this heinous chair / medieval torture device.
  10. Sat in St. Giles and prayed for the chair and the souls of everyone in Sister Act 1 and 2.
  11. Fish and chips.
  12. Walked home, read Oliver Sacks to my friend ambien.