From best to slightly less best
  1. A Whole New World
    Sometimes I listen to this song in the dark and cry.
  2. Beauty and the Beast
    Basically a pro-beastiality anthem. That key change and the violins tho.
  3. Part of Your World
    I wanna be where the people are / I wanna see, wanna see them dancing / Walking around on those / What do you call em? / Oh, feet.
  4. Circle of Life
    Can't resist an Elton John belter, ya know?
  5. Belle
    It made me want to become a townie bookworm with daddy issues for years.
  6. Friend Like Me
    I love you, Robin.
  7. Be Our Guest
    Lumiere's time to shine. Zing!
  8. Under the Sea
    Maybe incredibly racist in retrospect but still amazing?
  9. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
    Anyone else think it's weird Simba loses his virginity during this number?
  10. Reflection
    I was Mulan for three Halloweens in a row.
  11. Zero to Hero
    The only time Disney took me to church.
  12. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Miss Andrews serving me such good British diction.
  13. Go the Distance*
    *the Ricky Martin Spanish-language version
  14. You'll Be In My Heart
    My mom's fav. When she sings it it sounds like "you bee lee mah heart."
  15. Colors of the Wind
    Won't request it. Will still sing it if it comes on at karaoke.