Aren't you so glad you're not my shrink?
  1. Tina Turner
    "She got remarried in her 70s. Like, I don't even know what that does to my conception of marriage. But I'm happy for her? I think?"
  2. Stevie Nicks
    "I will never write a Landslide. I just won't."
  3. Beyoncé
    "I know you disagree, but I think she triggers my issues surrounding perfectionism in a really good way."
  4. Joni Mitchell
    "On the Joni-Stevie spectrum, I think I lean towards Stevie. But I'm so sad all the time, so maybe I'm wrong. About everything."
  5. Amy Winehouse
    "I just like can't even watch that documentary."
  6. Nina Simone
    "Cannot wait to watch that documentary."
  7. Stevie (x2)
    "Did you know she has a room in her house dedicated to storing her lace?"