Fact: every boss I've had since graduating college has been female.
  1. Kindness is not a bonus, it is a necessity.
  2. So is empathy.
  3. The right dose of sass will get you extremely far.
  4. And by sass I don't mean "bitchiness" (yuck), I mean a genuinely witty and fierce state of being.
  5. Don't kick people in elevators.
  6. Tracey Andersoning is important.
  7. So is eating well.
  8. You can look good even on the days you don't have to.
  9. And if you don't look good who the fuck cares.
  10. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to go home to see your children.
  11. Read things outside your world.
  12. Travel if you can.
  13. If you're sick, go home. You're not proving anything by staying and coughing all over my lunch.
  14. Remember birthdays. Give good, thoughtful gifts.
  15. Sometimes it is best to remain silent and wait it out.
  16. Take your coworkers to lunch.
  17. Oprah can be a verb.
  18. Call your coworker and talk to them about it instead of letting it fester.
  19. Probably not a good idea to give to a kickstarter.
  20. Great idea to give to charities.
  21. Is your name Michelle Obama? No? Then you have no right be arrogant.
  22. There are smart, productive ways to disagree.
  23. Treat your assistants and interns like they're going to be your bosses one day.
  24. Have good doctors and go to them.
  25. Support the people trying to do the same thing as you. Don't be jealous.