Born and raised in Seoul + Puberty'd in STL
  1. If I find myself with extra napkins they go straight into my man purse.
  2. Yes, I'd like a free sample. Actually, can I have another one? Or four?
  3. Discounted admission for students? Okay, let me just pull out my student ID from TEN YEARS AGO.
  4. Of course I'll take your leftovers off your hands. They fit right into this extra large bag I brought for this purpose.
  5. Never met a sample sale I didn't like.
  6. I'll seriously sprint to an ATM right now if you won't charge me tax.
  7. This Excel spreadsheet right here that I update every week? Yes, it's for my budget I've been keeping since 2002.
  8. Why wouldn't I go to Target with coupons in my coupon envelope? What is the matter with you?
  9. You're gonna put in an hour of work on that? Cool. I'll put in three and pretend like I did it in half an hour.
  10. You're staying at my house? Awesome. Sorry but I'm gonna cook you dish after dish of Korean food and probably send you home with soju.
  11. Don't worry about it. I cry every time Yuna Kim is on television.
  12. And cry just as hard for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen.
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  13. "Anything to drink?" "Just a cup for water, thanks."
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