1. How do I tell my parents?
  2. How do I tell my friends?
  3. Shit. Do I really have to march?
  4. Can I live in secret forever?
  5. I wonder if Ryan Gosling is single.
  6. How do I look like THAT guy?
  7. Is it possible to be gay and monogamous?
  8. What does that even mean and is that what I want?
  9. Girl, this new Taylor Swift album tho.
  10. Do I look like a top or a bottom and can people tell?
  11. Is it easier for straight people?
  12. Is it okay if I don't watch Drag Race?
  13. Okay. What IF I don't go to Fire Island?
  14. What does it mean if I don't have any gay friends?
  15. What does it mean if I only have gay friends?
  16. I wonder what Beyonce is wearing right now.
  17. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Do I have HIV?
  18. Hey, kid who used to make fun of me, fuck you, I'm doing way better than you.
  19. But let's be honest, I'm still a little scared of you.