1. My friend Kibby bought me a reading with a famous psychic for my 21st birthday.
  2. I went even though I was skeptical.
  3. Before the session started, she told me to take notes. I rolled my eyes and took out my notebook.
  4. During the next hour, she said a lot of crazy things.
  5. She said I would get sick in the next six months but that I would make it out alive.
  6. She said I would go to grad school for writing. I laughed. I was about to start a business internship.
  7. She said I would develop a food allergy when I turned 28.
  8. She said she knew why my family had immigrated to the U.S. She said it had to do with my dad's family feud with his brother.
  9. My dad doesn't have any brothers. So I laughed in her face and ended the session short.
  10. As we were saying goodbye, she warned that by the time I wanted to get back in touch it would be too late.
  11. I went back to my dorm, probably smoked a joint, and promptly forgot about her.
  12. Five years later, while I was in grad school for playwriting, I went to Asia with my mom for the first time in over a decade.
  13. On my last day there, my mom told me to get in the car. "We're going to see some people."
  14. We pulled up to a small decrepit trailer home an hour outside of Seoul. A man came out. He introduced himself as my dad's brother.
  15. Another man walked out a few minutes later. "I'm the youngest," he said. "Nice to meet you."
  16. My head was spinning.
  17. Turns out my dad has two brothers AND a second sister I never knew about.
  18. And they all had a huge falling out.
  19. I called my dad that night and we had a long talk.
  20. I returned to New York feeling very strange. And then I remembered about the psychic. And the notebook.
  21. I flipped through my entire apartment to find the notebook. I did.
  22. Only about half of her predictions came true: I did get sick and then I got better. I didn't end up marrying my then boyfriend. I developed no food allergies (unless you count overeating). And I did get in a screaming match with my parents about law school.
  23. I spent the next two days calling her over and over again. I wanted to go back, apologize for being such an asshole, learn more.
  24. On the third day I discovered she had passed away two weeks earlier.
  25. I haven't seen a psychic since. I'm too scared. And still a little skeptical.