1. My aisle seat
    Nope! Sorry! Have fun sitting AWAY from your girlfriend!
  2. Seltzer
    I probably go through a gallon per day? If there was only one left in the fridge and a thirsty old lady reached for it at the same time as me, I'd have to really think about it...
  3. My YouTube time
    That Kelly Clarkson video isn't gonna watch itself.
  4. Nighttime skincare routine
    It takes my mom 45 minutes every night and 25 minutes every morning. You can chill while I put on my SPF thanks.
  5. Ginger
    If you hate that I eat it all, then don't eat sushi with me. It's not hard.
  6. The back right seat of a car
    If I'm not driving and I sit on the left side I always feel like the car is gonna crash. This is probably because I got in a car accident when I was little while sitting on the left side. But really, I'm trying to prevent us from a car accident. You're welcome.
  7. Maraschino cherries
    I'm really basic. Don't leave your fruity drinks around me.
  8. Last pair of my size items at sample sale
    Not my problem you're slower at snatching things.
  9. The last bite of guacamole
    I mean, order yourself some more?