Thoughts of an Asian Man While Going Platinum Blonde

My 4 hour journey to tweendom.
  1. Can my hair go THIS blonde?
  2. And can I return it if it doesn't fit?
  3. Okay I'm doing it.
  4. It's happening. Omg, cute kids alert! Look of horror? Wonder? Both?
  5. Is my scalp supposed to tingle this much?
  6. Holy shit! My scalp is burning! It is burning!
  7. Ummm. Why is it ORANGE?
  8. Got it. Do I really have to do it 2 more times before it goes platinum?
  9. I can't believe I have to be here for another two hours. Should I like write a play or learn to crochet or something?
  10. I wonder what my colorist is thinking... Maybe it has something to do with his hat.
  11. People will still take me seriously, right? Right?
  12. No one takes me seriously anyway so who cares!
  13. Whoa.
  14. I've done it. I finally look like an extra from a Twilight movie.
  15. That guy on the street just pointed at me and smiled! I think it's a hit!
  16. Nope, my fly is open.
  17. Who wore it best?