My 4 hour journey to tweendom.
  1. Can my hair go THIS blonde?
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  2. And can I return it if it doesn't fit?
  3. Okay I'm doing it.
  4. It's happening. Omg, cute kids alert! Look of horror? Wonder? Both?
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  5. Is my scalp supposed to tingle this much?
  6. Holy shit! My scalp is burning! It is burning!
  7. Ummm. Why is it ORANGE?
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  8. Got it. Do I really have to do it 2 more times before it goes platinum?
  9. I can't believe I have to be here for another two hours. Should I like write a play or learn to crochet or something?
  10. I wonder what my colorist is thinking... Maybe it has something to do with his hat.
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  11. People will still take me seriously, right? Right?
  12. No one takes me seriously anyway so who cares!
  13. Whoa.
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  14. I've done it. I finally look like an extra from a Twilight movie.
  15. That guy on the street just pointed at me and smiled! I think it's a hit!
  16. Nope, my fly is open.
  17. Who wore it best?
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