1. Sound of Ceres, "Nostalgia for Infinity"
    Gently cosmic electronic music-- think Stereolab/Broadcast played by members of Candy Claws, the Drums, & Apples in Stereo.
  2. iZombie, "Season 1" on Netflix
    Watched the whole thing in a couple days with @beckybartkowski. Smart but super campy, popcorny but occasionally pretty poignant.
  3. Chris Christie memes
    Our dystopian future will be GIF-ed.
  4. Beyond Yacht Rock
    The people behind the great Yacht Rock internet show investigate made up genres like "Divorce-core." Effortlessly enjoyable, super nerdy and swell.
  5. David Peel, "King of Punk"
    Heard "Uptight Manhattan" on the Best Show this week and had to order from Hozac. Screaming counter culture lunacy x100.