Put down those books! Turn away from your meaningful convos! Watch these instead!
  1. Fargo
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    Season 1 was good, season 2 is great. The homages to the Coen Bros are subtle and loving, the cast is top notch, and it's shot impeccably. Every time there's something I dont dig, like say, the way the characters' dialogue sometimes devolves into theme stating, something I love balances it out, like a great song or sci-fi "The Man Who Wasn't There" elements. Starkly funny and bracingly violent.
  2. Jane the Virgin
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    A big-hearted telenovela that's as weird and twisted as it is touching and sweet. Jane, our lead, juggles motherhood and writing, and the show manages to make every member of her supporting cast fully realized and complex (even that Latin Lover Narrator).
  3. Casual
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    Jeez, this family is screwed up. Watching them grapple with their misery shouldn't be as much fun as it is. Michaela Watkins kills here; she's ridiculously compelling. Between this and "Difficult People," Hulu's emerged as the go-to for pitch black comedy.
  4. Master of None
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    Those "Louie" comparisons you've heard are kinda shallow. More than one comedian is allowed to have a show where they're sad sometimes. Over the course of his career, Aziz's comedy has been steadily taken on more gravity, and "Master Of None" is where he lands on it all: race, sex, cooking, ambition, adulthood, parents. It's measured, gracious, and funny, the grown up cousin to "Parks and Rec," which it shares a warm positivity with.
  5. Jessica Jones
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    Yes, there are some cringy one-liners, and yes, the pacing is kinda weird, but overall "JJ" is good stuff. If it weren't as sly and funny as it is, I might be bummed out by the grim and gritty approach that Marvel's Netflix shows have taken (as opposed to the fun of the movies, esp "Guardians of the Galaxy/Ant-Man") which brings me to...
  6. Supergirl
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    As exuberant and boundless a superhero show I've seen on TV since I was a kid and thought they were all like that. There's some clunky writing still being sorted out, but star Melissa Benoist has a great handle on both the "stranger in a strange land" thing and the "I wanna save people" thing, and most modern depictions of Superman seem to pick one or the other. It's best with both.