1. You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome.
  2. Progressing slow doesn't mean you aren't progressing well.
  3. Who knows, I might be gone by tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. But nevertheless, I will want to spend my days with you.
  4. 今天要好好的,明天也是。《练习,喜欢自己》
  5. 我们都忘了,有时候只要转个头,就能够看见新的风景。— 肆一
  6. 许多困难,都是我们自己局限住自己,其实你比自己想的勇敢。 — 肆一
  7. 只要仍然挂念,愿意尝试,还是可以重新开始。