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  1. I've started running again
    I don't know if I like working out or like the fact that I'm working out but I like it
  2. My social anxiety and shyness has shot up
    Today a Shake Shack employee offered me a free milkshake and I almost had a panic attack.
  3. I wear high-wasted jeans more frequently
    It's just what I packed but I feel like in blend in in Brooklyn
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  1. Figured out what 'Pogs' are
    And I don't care if you think that makes me a terrorist
  2. Posted a selfie of only myself
    Because I am actually two toddlers and a ferret stacked on top of each other inside a trench coat and don't what you to look carefully
  3. Called anything or anyone 'phat'
    Long live Kimora Lee Simmons
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  1. Watch so much New Girl
    There are so many episodes and it takes up so much time that I really don't have but I do it anyway because it's like gummy bears for my brain.
  2. Do so much SoulCycle
    And I don't do that much SoulCycle. The most I've ever done is 3 classes in a week. It's pricey, but I tell myself that it's cheaper than therapy which may not actually be true. Whatever, it makes me happy and self-confident and maybe one day I'll have abs. Is it SoulCycle or Soul Cycle?
  3. Get so angry at drivers who don't use their turn signal
    Mentally I realize that I'm just wasting my energy, but emotionally I have a hankering for justice.
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  1. The $3 sandalwood candle I bought at the North Hollywood Target's dollar spot in 2015
    They draw you in because they're so cheap but there is no way that candle was worth $3. Actually it was more with tax. I tried to burn a candle and metaphorically burned myself.
  2. The $45 Iron Maiden tee shirt I bought at some hip store that also sold crystals on Melrose
    It's a very soft tee shirt, I'll give it that much. And I do listen to Iron Maiden. But let's be honest, I bought it because it makes me look cool (it really does).
  3. The $5 Miller High Life I bought last night at Sassafras Saloon whilst on a date that was set up for me with a boy named Kyle
    This has nothing to do with the date itself, or the location, or how the night went. I am a PBR girl and now am questioning how I define myself- loyalty is no longer a trait I can claim. Also the beer got warm quickly and there was karaoke at the bar.
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