1. Watch so much New Girl
    There are so many episodes and it takes up so much time that I really don't have but I do it anyway because it's like gummy bears for my brain.
  2. Do so much SoulCycle
    And I don't do that much SoulCycle. The most I've ever done is 3 classes in a week. It's pricey, but I tell myself that it's cheaper than therapy which may not actually be true. Whatever, it makes me happy and self-confident and maybe one day I'll have abs. Is it SoulCycle or Soul Cycle?
  3. Get so angry at drivers who don't use their turn signal
    Mentally I realize that I'm just wasting my energy, but emotionally I have a hankering for justice.
  4. Use Davines Oi Oil and dry shampoo
    It's so *classy* that you can't get it on Amazon or at Sephora. But good lord does it make this girl's hair look like the mane of the beloved horse of billionaires.
  5. Feel so invested in if other people think I'm a good person
    I'm ending this list on a very deep and self reflective note. If you're reading this, I hope you think I'm a good person. Wait, no I don't (*yes I do*)!!!!!!!