Inspired by @CallTheHotline.
  1. You ARE important!
    A classic of the medium, this one covers all the bases. Fruit, Veggies, something resembling a sandwich. Plus an inspiring message! Boosh! That's my mind melting! Extra points for the cupcake paper life hack!
  2. The Rise and Fall of the Napkin Wall
    After the travesty of yesterday's tuna salad, the Allies and Russia, decided the only thing to do would be to cloister the savory foods in a warm pillowy flatbread and build a napkin wall where the fruits could live in color-blind harmony. It worked! But only until lunchtime.
  3. Abstract Expressionism
    Like the great painters Monet, Manet and Picasso, this deft display transcends boundaries. It's playful, elegant and full of vibrance and color. Plus it's got chickpeas and some unidentifiable green slices, so you know that shit is healthy!
  4. The Countess Of Kiwi
    This is an example of pure familial dedication. A triumph over one's lack of sleep and that goddamn Arthur show blaring in the background. I don't understand how many people are actually in this family, and I think perhaps this master of packaging is also unsure. No matter! It all looks amazing!
  5. Enchantment Under The Sea
    The packer of this lunch is definitely somebody's step parent. This is trying way too hard! Looks like we found Nemo, but somebody's Swedish Fish treat got flushed down the toilet. Whoopsie!