My dog's name is Boo. He's a good boy. Yes he is! Yessss heeee issss! We live near a baseball stadium. He's not at all phased by fireworks, which is crazy because that's something all dogs are traditionally afraid of. Here are a few things he is terrified by.
  1. Large garbage bags lying on the side of the road
    I get it, they're big, shiny, menacing and inanimate
  2. Being on leash while I ride my bicycle
    Tried a Dog Whisperer technique to give him some active time. We almost died that day.
  3. The vacuum cleaner
    I can understand this one too. But I would also imagine that it feels good to get your shedding fur a good cleaning. A previous dog used to get so excited about the prospect, he'd bite and hump his pillow with glee.
  4. Anyone at the door
    Boo is afraid of anybody near or at the front door. The doorbell ringing takes the terror to a strange new level.
  5. Me with a haircut
    Traditionally, I wear my hair long and luscious. One Summer's day I decided to cut it all off. It took Boo a few days to realize who I was