As I get older, I get less and less elitist about music. There's a whole great bit that Patton Oswalt has about it. One day about a year ago, while my then 5 year old was in the car, I put on the top 40 station. You know, for research?! Now my daughter is obsessed with these songs. (And so am I)
  1. Taylor Swift - Style
    This song reminds me of the Ryan Gosling movie Drive and Eye In The Sky by the Alan Parson's Project. I'm sure that was Max Martin's intent. Worked on me!
  2. Ariana Grande - One Last Time
    One thing that strikes me is the production on these top 40 jams is almost identical to some of the stuff playing on Sirius XMU. I love the synth chimes hook on this song. Ms. Grande is a damn great singer!
  3. Ellie Goulding - On My Mind
    God I love this effing song! The groove is almost too sophisticated for top 40. There is some serious math on this jam. Ellie Goulding used to be pals with the dudes in Minus The Bear back before she up and got huge. Their influence is all up in this jam!
  4. Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out
    It's funny how late 90's alterna-rock-rap this feels. The Eels and Soul Coughing come to mind. What's old is new or something. I love the line "My name is Blurryface and I care what you think". It's just a subtle dig at the typical ego stance of hip hop.
  5. Maroon 5 - Sugar
    Dammit! Damn damn fuck shit! I've tried my hardest to avoid Maroon 5. They will completely destroy any indie cred I might think I have. This is a better sung early Phoenix song, lifted straight off Alphabetical, and you know what, I'm fine with it!