1. Music is a Time Machine
    Songs like certain smells can be like a time machine, transporting you to times long forgotten and remind your of friends and loved-ones
  2. Music is Glue
    Music helps form relationships and bonds that can last just for the duration of an event or for a lifetime. It can create a sense of togetherness like few things can.
  3. Music is Substance
    Time is an illusion right? We're not really here?! When I see people perform or play with friends, it is evidence that we're tangible and here in this time together. This life isn't just some dreamscape.
  4. Music is A Drug
    I live for the euphoria when you hear an incredible chorus for the first time. Or when you remember how much you love some forgotten gem.
  5. Music is Comfort
    It's evidence that someone has lived (hopefully) through hardship and have come through the other side. A somber tune or a cathartic blast can help work through emotions.