the debate will never end.
  1. Health and safety
    Me- "if it posed a health and safety risk, maybe I would consider it." Trevor- (very seriously) " it's a safety risk when I have to climb a ladder and clean the gutters" Me- "there are so many reasons why that's Bullshit and you know it" Trev- *still looking very serious with hands up in the air* Me- "you make me so mad"
  2. High maintenence
    Trev- "it sheds so much and I hate the bark. It's ugly. I've given it two years since we've moved in and I'm just done with it." * dog looks up at us with concern...wondering if she is actually this "sycamore tree" Me-" I'll go outside and pick up the bark when you need to mow." Trev- "no, you shouldn't have to do that." Me- " I have no problem doing that." Trev- " no. I just hate that tree."
  3. All life is precious
    Me- " I just think it's silly. Why get rid of a perfectly good tree? It's living and beautiful and it wouldn't make me happy to see it cut down." Trev- "I feel stupid. Like you think I'm just getting rid of it because it's inconvenient." Me- "that's exactly what you're doing" Trev- "but I'm planning to plant another tree." Me- "but all life is precious.." Trev- "we pulled out all those plants by the garage last year..." Me- " A bush is like a fish. It has no feelings. Doesn't count."
  4. That poor ugly tree
    Trev- "it's just so ugly. It's a pain and it makes our front yard look like crap." Me - *looks out the window quietly* "I feel bad for the tree" Trev- " what? Did you just say you feel bad for the tree?" Me- "NO."
  5. Static