Inspired by @paniemilia
  1. Middle School Library (2005)
    My job was to stamp and number the new textbooks for the librarian. I would also doodle a little picture on a random page in the middle of the book. The librarian never noticed and I'm assuming the first kid to rent the textbook got in trouble for it.
  2. Golf Course Kitchen (2009)
    This was my first "real" job and I was a dishwasher. One time I was talking with another co-worker and my supervisor. I told them I was taking Canadian history as a class in fall and my supervisor said: "I'll spoil it for you. It's just a whole lot of French and English people fighting." He paused, then said: "French girls are good in bed though."
  3. Smitty's Restaurant (2010-2011)
    We dared the cook $5 to drink a cup of the water that feta cheese comes in and she accepted the challenge without hesitation. One time I also found an extra large cucumber and then one of the waitresses walked around holding it by her crotch, bragging about her big green dick.
  4. Cedarwood Summer Camp (2012)
    I taught rock climbing with a hippie. We were supposed to learn how to climb too and he belayed me to the top of the wall and then left me up there until I wasn't afraid of heights anymore.
  5. Cedarwood Retreat Centre (2012-2013)
    I spilled soy sauce all over the kitchen floor once. This happened 4 years ago and my guy friend I worked with still mentions it every time I see him.
  6. Lilac Resort Snack Shack (2013)
    Because our little shack didn't have air conditioning and it would get really hot, we would jump into the pool at the end of our shifts to cool off.
  7. Hometown Grill (2015)
    We accidentally set an order bag on fire and spend 10 minutes trying to put it out and salvage the food inside it. Needless to say, their fries were well done.