Favorite comedy moments from Saturday Night Live history

I will continually be adding to the list as I think of them. In no particular order.
  1. Hi, I'm Chevy Chase... and you're not!
  2. You can split it four ways. If you wanna give Ringo less, that's up to you.
  3. This is how we answer the door in MY neighbourhood...
  4. Debut of Debbie Downer
    AKA every single time Fallon completely loses it and breaks from character
  5. D*ck in a Box
  6. Stefon's Halloween Party Tips
    That time he totally lost it because Mulaney added new jokes between dress and air
  7. I can see Russia from my house!
  8. The only thing Lorne wanted to save after the god awful 1985 season: Jon Lovitz
  9. Jason Sudeikis trying to make the other cast members break by forcefully jumping onto the desk
  10. Everything about the Woody Harrelson show in season 40
    Remember the crack? 😂