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  1. Roderick on the Line
    Two incredibly quick, smart, and funny guys having a conversation that dips into deepness and profundity more often than should be expected from a podcast.
  2. The Talk Show
    The excellent "director's commentary" to John Gruber's excellent Daring Fireball blog.
  3. ATP: Accidental Tech Podcast
    A fun and fascinating conversation about the week's tech news. The cast is great, but John Siracusa excels here (and everywhere else).
  4. Road Work
    A Roderick-like podcast starring... John Roderick. So good.
  5. Vector
    A not-updated-frequently-enough but fascinating discussion on recent news topics. It often ranges far beyond tech but remains topical and interesting, engaging and fun, and humane. Decent people digesting current events.
  6. Robot or Not?
    A minutes-long-at-most podcast where John Siracusa decides whether things are, well, you get it. Gold. Pure gold.